A film by Johanna Demetrakas, 1974, 47 minutes, Color, DVD

WOMANHOUSE is an historic documentary about one of the most important feminist cultural events of the 1970s. Judy Chicago (best-known as the creator of THE DINNER PARTY) and Miriam Shapiro rented an old Hollywood mansion and altered its interior through decor and set-pieces to "search out and reveal the female experience...the dreams and fantasies of women as they sewed, cooked, washed and ironed away their lives." WOMANHOUSE is a fascinating historical look at feminism, its reception in the 1970s, and the ever-important relationship between art and social change.


Judy Chicago Discusses Womanhouse as part of the Visual Archive at National Museum of Women in the Arts

Interview with Faith Wilding by Amy Jin Johnson on Womanhouse




Produced by Lynne Littman, Directed by Parke Perine, KCET Los Angeles, originally aired February 1972